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I have studied Fine Arts in Barcelona and Stockholm, and film in NYC. I have shown my work in Norway, Sweden, Spain and Germany. I am currently in a long term residency at and I am developing an artistic research with the Barcelona Producció grant.

Visual artist


My name is Agustín Ortiz Herrera.

My artistic practice is developed in the fields of audiovisual, performance and installation. I am interested in a research and knowledge creation approach that works on the semantic possibilities of narrative audiovisuals in combination with experimentation on installation configurations. I use these media to reflect on the interconnections between diverse themes, such as the intersection in queer theory, the complexities of power relations in colonial contexts, the representation of memory, and the mastery of persuasive narrative in the audiovisual. In recent works, the subject has been nourished by a critical spirit dedicated to deconstructing notions about some historical figures of patriarchy. The first project arose from the study of the so-called father of Swedish industry, Louis de Geer (An accidental message on violence). The second is a critical immersion around the problem of Franco’s legacy (Potenciación a largo plazo). Finally, the research To name. To own. Critique of Taxonomic Practice, which seeks to problematize the idealization of a figure somewhat unknown to the non-specialized public and still of paramount relevance in the scientific field, Carl von Linné.




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Olvido / Oblivion
Agustín Ortiz Herrera

Olvido / Oblivion

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