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Her works are the result of a work in progress that starts from the object, passes through sound experimentation and inevitably comes to reality through relational processes. This approach is not attributable to traditional canons. It is an artistic practice that emerges from personal experience and comes alive through the relationship with the other, be it person, animal thing, plant, space. The simple action of touching the nails creating sounds, becomes the way in which the artist overcomes the apparent inertia of objects, the gesture takes on the ability to transmute matter, transforming it into vibration, energy, sound. Fundamental for his training are the meeting with Pinuccio Sciola and his sound stones, from which tactile sculptures are born, but also with the Brazilian musician Eros Fresique, a pupil of Philp Glass, of the Brazilian group Uakti and of Alvin Curren.

Utopian World or the utopian world of Lorito is an immaterial reality where opposites are exalted: smooth and pungent, full and empty, pain and pleasure, sound and silence. Told through a succession of sculptures with abstract and anatomical shapes, a path in progress that amazes the senses and the body. In his research, the object is the starting point, and it has been designed for sound experimentation so that in turn it can hire  a social and relational ship dimension.



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ERMES - Utopian World. 2017
ERMES - Utopian World. 2017

Utopian World, an immaterial reality where opposites are exalted: dark and clear, full and empty, life and death, spicy and soft, told through a succession of sculptures that culminate in the most representative Hermes . In this sculpture, from the smooth exterior and from the interior supported by nails, during the afternoon the artist will make sound and tactile representations to show the public how to interact with the work. In constant search for harmony, Lorito, who also uses other instruments, will invite visitors to stroke her to experience the sound first hand.

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