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I started my musical career in 1989 with  Iluminados band, combining it with my dj sessions.

Together with her sister Isbell, she created the Bullas Indie Festival, a pioneer in Spain in the early 90s.

My next projects were Ochiqueochenta, Musidora and Isbell vs Pola. 

In 2017 I moved to Berlin, where I lived for 5 years, creating together with FUTURO3000, e0n.20 an artistic streaming platform and at the same time working with my sister Pecado Pixelado in our audiovisual project Ana en Pecado.
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Live Session: Acoustic heritage. Listening and socialisation practices", in the framework of "Industries/Matrices, plots and sounds". @gva_ivam at @lamutantvalencia. 2021

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Far From The Trees. 2019.
This is a session conducted by Ana Espín. Subsequently, together with Pecado Pixelado, they have created this audiovisual piece, mainly collecting images from the documentary “Far from the trees,” a cult work by the filmmaker Jacinto Esteva.
It was considered a cursed movie, suffered the censorship of Franco because it showed the hidden and cruel face of our traditions. It is a reflection of our identity, it is brave and shocking.

Warning: your viewing may hurt sensitivities
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"Video Geschenk" is a special "video gift session" dedicated for En Las Nubes Librería, right in the middle of the pandemic.

An eclectic selection of music and visuals, showing the great artistic talent she possesses. 
At the same time it pays homage to the work we have been doing in the bookshop since we opened in 2015.

Broadcast live at En Las Nubes Librería on 30.12.2020.

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2023. Collaboration with KOCMOC is an international, non-commercial, self-organized online radio station; a free-form initiative of Kocmoc Collective, based in northern Greece, operating with horizontal structures, with no hierarchy within the team.

It is the mission of KOCMOC Freeform Radio to provide diverse and innovative online broadcasting that reflects the interests and concerns of the community; thus, creating broad cultural experiences via a number of specially made works, conceptual mixtapes, conversations, DJ sets, documentaries, visuals and other media. Our vision is self-indulgent and non-commercial forms of music spread around so creativity is enriched.

A self-funded small group of programmers, producers, photographers and graphic designers have made up the KOCMOC team throughout the project's development. They have worked together to support one another while expanding the network and the music community. The station consists of members who perform both DJ shifts and administrative functions.

KOCMOC aspires to transform into a multi-cultural physical environment where people with different backgrounds can come together to share their creative expressions and build a stronger community.

Collaboration with Berlin Amateurs, Spanish-language digital magazine.


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BULLAS INDIE FESTIVAL a pioneer in Spain in the early 90s.


Music, Creativity & Visual Art

Ohiqueochenta band formed in 2002 by Richo Eyes and Ana and Carmen Espín.

"Kiss me before i die or before i kill you" is the first demo of the group after being finalists in the Murcia Joven '02 contest.

2023: New project coming soon!!!

Hortly after Iluminados band began their hibernation the Espin sisters began a new project called Musidora. Isabel Espín (composer, vocals, keyboards and guitar) Ana Espín (guitar, composer and backing vocals), Isa (composition, guitar, keyboards, bass and vocals) Carmen Espín (guitar, keyboards and backing vocals) Ochi Reyes (bass and vocals) would later join Charo Espín as Pecado Pixelado creating visuals for the band.

In 2002 after two years and an album "Musidora goes to Madrid" the group takes a break and Isbell and Ochiqueochenta are born.

They are currently preparing a new album.

Iluminados is the project around which, since 1989, the artistic career of the Espín sisters, Bullas (Murcia), has orbited. The personal voice of Isa and the forceful compositions of the band, became a fundamental part of the Spanish Indie movement of the 90s, in addition to creating the pioneer Independent Festival of Bullas in Spain.
Throughout their discography, Iluminados experimented with pop and electronic music and have collaborated with Fangoria in their Fan Fatal Club, performing at the most important festivals in Spain such as (FIB, BAM, Doctor Music, La Mar de Músicas ..). In 1999, after a decade, the group decided to take a break, which they used to form other parallel projects, such as Isbell, Musidora, Ochiqueochenta, Pecado Pixelado, Ensalada Sabrosa, Fantasma Midi or Ana en Pecado.

It coincides that a decade later in 2019 and 30 years after their birth, the band resumes the original project and they are creating a new album.

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