From a very young age rooted in sound, this being his greatest concern. At the age of twelve, this passion began to take shape, showing an excessive interest in the electronics of the time. His inexhaustible musical curiosity has led him to explore all kinds of instruments, sounds and machines.
His music is continually transformed by synthesizing styles, offering the most open and eclectic sessions that vary from House Chicago to Techno Detroit for example, always passing by Electro his style for excellence; acid sounds with IDM touches, E.B.M rhythms
Apen Thunder belongs to the labels M4D3, Bunker Plagen, Narcotic influence "NAIF" and the TeZ-ZePi (A.T.M. & G.E.F.), WNS, Electronic Basement, KNOB and ATAVIC collectives.
Regarding his personal work as a producer, for years it has led him to learn and understand musical synthesis, due to this he believes that it is time to bring one of his various works to light after much work and dedication.


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LAST PROJECT streaming during COVID - KP LEK G.E.F & Apen Thunder 2020
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