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Ingolstadt-Donau (1978). She lives and works between Berlin and the Spanish Basque Country.

Edurne Herrán holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country [Bilbao] and she has obtained different Master degrees in subjects such as Art Research and Creation [UCM Madrid], Cultural Management [UC3M] and Master in Contemporary Photography [EFTI]. She also has professional training in Clothing design [Arte2 Madrid] and Music.

Her work is directly connected to everyday life and the communication and interrelation among individuals. Aware of how new technologies and the Internet catalyze and amplify the states of emotions, she uses these new social systems and communication dynamics to contextualize some of her projects. In many of them, it is the audience that gives sense to her work making it markedly performative.

She has been awarded with scholarships and artistic prizes such as C.C. Montehermoso [Vitoria- Gasteiz], El Ranchito in Matadero-Madrid, I Encontro de Artistas Jóvenes, Roberto Villagraz (Scholarship & Grant) and Propuestas VEGAP. Museums like ARTIUM [Vitoria-Gasteiz], Andalusian Centre of Photography [Almería], Barjola Museum [Gijón], Stand ABC Cultural at ARCO [Madrid], Museum of Communication [Frankfurt am Main], have exhibited her works. Besides her artistic work she also delivers conference speeches and workshops.

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La artista Edurne Herrán, con su trabajo Social (T)isues, continúa indagando en las estrechas relaciones entre las modas y las sociedades.


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