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Ruth garcia 5 cristina del barco 2016 LO


From Hell aka Ruth García.

After more than fifteen years dedicating to music journalism (Europa Press, Popular 1, DJ Route 66, Dj Mag, Caninomag) this deejane Madrid decided to launch into the booths.

Siroco, Dark Hole, Redrum, Contraclub, Clamores, Astoria, Cometa, Wind, The Anuet 80s' Bar, La Boite, Specka ... are some of the clubs where she began her career as selector.

In 2012 she moved to Berlin, the heart of the

European electronic music where he had a great

welcome, being present in clubs like those of Kater Holzig, Golden Gate, Morlox, Transit, Brunnen70, The Club, R19, Loophole ... After ttwo-year-old Ruth chooses Barcelona, ​​a city in who spends 4 years, where he goes through local emblematic like Moog, Macarena, Razzmatazz, Slow Club, Casa Camper ...and then return to Madrid, city ​​where you currently reside.

It is in Barcelona that she dares with Mots Music, her musical web project, means of. communication and concert promoter Independent. Her vision of music as tool to express themselves lead them to join visualist Katherine Scholz, with whom she leads The 3M Project, a multidisciplinary project where image, music, collages are they complement, narrating a story.

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Elegance, strength and depth. These are the three adjectives that describe Ruth Garcia (also known as From Hell, her underground aka, in homage to the famous comic writer Alan Moore). After more than a decade working as a music journalist, for magazines like DJ1, Popular1 and Ruta66, this woman from Madrid decided to try luck in the cabins due to its wide spectrum of sounds, from rock to electronic, through new wave and other forms of music, in just five years being one of the artists with more projection. In 2012, Berlin, the heart of European electronics, was the most successful city where harvested. KATER Holzig, GOLDEN GATE, Morlox, Transit, CCCP, Brunnen70, The Club, R19, Mein Haus Am See, are some of the names of the cabins by this singular dj was playing. Apart from Madrid, Berlin and Ibiza, this dj has played in cities like Bilbao (Pyramid, Flash Bilbao, The Image Club) and Barcelona (No Name No Address, Off Sonar Closing Party at Surya), where she currently lives.



Is a webradio project that aims to bring all kinds of musical genres closer to the public but with a common denominator, non-commercial. We understand that the variety in sound styles (rock, punk, soul, funky, electronic, techno, world music ...) is necessary in terms of their media diffusion and we are also committed to making known artists who belong to a more minority or underground audience.


Although it is true, Mots Radio is not closed to any artist or musical genre, despite the fact that it is committed to making known the most unknown side of music itself, giving value to those artists who collaborate with us located in different cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville, Ibiza, Valencia, Copenhagen, London, Berlin and other cities in countries like Italy.




This is born from the need to raise
electronic music beyond the dance floor, investigating and exploring sounds close to the IDM, cosmic, industrial and electro, putting the focus on soundtracks to create atmospheres
through music.

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