Starting in 2004 to listen to electronic music, attracted by clubs like Octopus, Zeus or La Real, one of his greatest passions began to awaken, music. That same year, he began mixing vinyl, learning with the resident DJ of the Octopus room, Miss Dune. Over the years, he acquired a certain club culture, attending Clubs, National and International Festivals, mixing in private parties and clubs in La Coruña.
From 2010 to today he forms an artistic duet with Apen Thunder (Tez-Zepi), creating interesting productions in the Electro and Techno genres, mixing in the best clubs in La Coruña and surroundings.
In 2012 he began his stage of individual production as G.E.F playing various styles, from the Techno deepest to the most powerful Electro, always with the premise of encouraging creativity and dynamism in his productions.

Focused on quality productions and dynamism when mixing, considered a versatile DJ who communicates with the public and creates a good atmosphere, always insisting on giving his best with a wide spectrum of sounds.


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