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Born in Valencia in 1990, one of the most influential scenes in the underground electronic scene in Spain, and influenced by the minimal sounds that were sounding on the dance floors at that time (Barraca ,Guru ,Monegros). It is not surprising that Hen Greca soon showed interest in the figure of DJ and how he had to be the one to handle those dance floors at will.

Soon he made a place for himself in his native Valencia and after 5 years of playing vinyl with his mentor, Ivan Arbizu, he decided to take another step in his career and move to Germany, where he gradually began to make contact with music production and find the sound he was most comfortable with.

Today Hen Greca is a regular in the clubs of Cologne, Dusseldorf, Essen... 
and his productions have seen the light in labels as important as Little Helpers, Oblack Label, Baile Musik White, Whoyostro LTD.

His constant effort and work make this young man one of the promises to be taken into account.

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