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Isbell (Murcia//SPAIN)Music + Performing Arts + Short Film + Performances + Curator Experimentation has been the driving force within his work, composing sound bands and textures for theater, in addition to poems, short stories, tunes, audio-stories.Singer and songwriter of the 90's indie band called Iluminados. For years he has been part of the Audiovisual Environment group; Artistas Desconocidos, where he has participated in projects such as Musidora and Isbell vs Pola.During his career he has participated in festivals and Art and Culture dissemination spaces such as Manifesta 8, REC Festival, Experimenta club, Alter-Arte, La Noche en Blanco, La Casa Encendida, Centro Conde Duque, Circulo de Bellas Arts, (Madrid) LAB from Gijón and Centro Parraga, (Murcia) among others.


       Duración: 75 min.

Director: Joaquín Lisón

       Production: Los Menos Labor Escé

       Author: Paco López Mengual

       Sound space: Isbell


The pitfall of reviewing Romasanta: When I finished the first reading of Malnacid, I proposed a review of the Romasanta trial from the perspective of the violence and discrimination that society exercises on people who are different. In his plea, the accused Romasanta appeals to a genital variation that occurred when he was 8 years old; this led him to suffer discrimination and mockery from his family and friends in the village of Regueiro. Staging this werewolf story today represents an opportunity to ask the audience a question: can marginalising and excluding "different" people generate werewolves? But, parallel to my point of view, the actor who plays Romasanta during the play is entering into his own moral judgement: is there any pretext to justify a serial killer? Joaquín Lisón, director of Malnacido.

Ruidismo. 2021
Ruidismo Confitado. 2020
Pelo, Flujo, Sudor y Lágrimas. 2013

Musical & Cabaret. 

Hair, flow, sweat and tears is a love story, told with poems, songs, videos, live music and performance.

Video extracted from the stage play Pelo, Flujo, Sudor y Lágrimas created by Isabel Espín and Sandra Valera.
Premiered at the Decorrido festival in 2012.
Video by Ana Espín.

Isbell vs Pola - Duelo Líquido (Live 2013)

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