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Laura Schen one woman band, singer and producer.

Back in 2012 the first album Happy Island: the first attempt of experimentation and approach in creating and producing a dark album by itself where sounds and noises with very dark and experimental tones mix.
This album marks the beginning of her career with which she begins a series of concerts between Italy and Germany.
Here an excerpt from the album:The key element is to change, evolve and obviously experiment but with the second album she wants to play the sound card a little more electro pop synth and here is Electronic Bubbles in 2014 and the sengolo that takes its name from the album of the same name and a series of concerts in Berlin.

After a moment of reflection and having understood that the search for a much more experimental and underground sound was the perfect and right direction, the Metamorphosis album was released in 2017 with the single Two faces with this album a mini European tour begins in Germany, France and many great reviews.

Evolution. After two years of silence and away from the stage, the new album Mooneyes 2020 finally comes out. It contains a very experimental, profound, sensual and ethereal sound that reflects a maturity in both voice and musical composition.



Under The Skin. 2020

New Album Moonworld.


Direction + Filming: Robert Hanna


Broken from album Happy Island. 2012

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