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Maper is an audiovisual artist. Her work focuses on video post-production, animation and 3D.

Regarding audio, he produces music that is implemented in his visual pieces. Maper is also a dj and designs illustrations and collages for his pieces.

Collaborations with artists, musicians, music labels and clubs are his main source of creativity.

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DER DIE DAS. Audio-Visual piece of 1:50 minutes duration.


Represented with the articles in German, masculine, feminine and neutral.

This piece is shown as a defense of the performance and the volatility of the concept of gender. 

It invites the audience to get lost visually playing the shell game. "Juego del trilero"

3 separate screens start horizontally. Feminine on the left, neutral in the middle and masculine on the right. Represented by the same person and artist Alba Gador.

Stereotypes are shown at the beginning of the piece, trapped in their social roles; attitudes, colors and movements.

Judith Butler (voice-over) explains part of her queer theory 

" ...gender is perform..." "When we say that gender is performed we usually mean that we have taken a role. We are acting in some way."


Feminine (pink) and masculine (blue) have a dialogue and neutral (white) is maintained neutral.

As the piece progresses the screens begin to move and intersperse and the colors intermingle and fade generating new color palettes. Thus changing the roles between genres. In this way the viewer is invited to discover where each genre has hidden itself.  



Utopyk & El Fulminador - Rätsel (Mut)

Psychedelic Party VOL XIV FLAMENCO

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Vijing and 3D Mapping



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