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O.R.G.I.A * is a multi-headed monster (those of Beatriz Higón, Carmen Muriana and Tatiana Sentamans), which since 2001 presents their research and artistic creation around issues related to gender, sex and sexuality, from a feminist and queer / cuir perspective. It is a fluctuating, unstable and bastard identity, which travels through different methodological disciplines obeying their desire and driven by their artistic and political concerns. Their production overlaps and blends with their artistic formation and their vital and researching experience. There are diverse elastic and porous points of view that converge in the same imaginary, where plastic creation is a valuable critical tool.

O.R.G.I.A is a heterotopic space in which, once entered, laws, times, and pleasures are marked by the amorphous being that makes it up. Authorship and subjectivity are diluted in "sticky" periods of investigation, debate and materialization. Its peculiar and buoyant activity has resulted in numerous participations in exhibitions of national and international, institutional and peripheral character, as well as in workshops, seminars, conferences, cultural practices and projects.
Some of his most emblematic projects have been included in specialized curatorships and publications, recognized in competitive calls, and produced by national and international public institutions. An example of this is their participation in Feminisms! -CCCB Barcelona, ​​Esther Ferrer-Tabakalera San Sebastián, The future of the revolt-CentroCentro Cibeles and Matadero Madrid, Alén dos Xéneros-MARCO-Vigo, Genealogies of feminism-MUSAC León or Poetics and ecofeminist practices-Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico. Professors and researchers, they have given various conferences and workshops, such as MUAC-Mexico City, Arteleku, Hangar, UIMP, UCLM, UPV or UV. They have also published different essays, texts and their own performance scores on the subject of their visual research into the intersection of artistic practices, activism and queer feminism, in editorials such as Barlin Libros, Brumaria, or Bellaterra.


O.R.G.I.A: The Sphincters, 2019. UltraChrome on 100% cotton paper, 100 x 66.5 cm. c.u.


O.R.G.I.A.//FEMINISM at CCCB//2019

FEMINISMS! it brings together the exhibitions "La Vanguardia Feminista de los 70s. Works by the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna" and "Choreographies of the genre" and an extensive program of activities to highlight the dialogue, continuities and ruptures between radical feminism of the 1970s and current feminisms.

What role did avant-garde artists have in reconfiguring feminism?

Round table with Marta Segarra and Gabriele Schor, curators of the "¡Feminismos!" Project, and with the artist Ulrike Rosenbach and the O.R.G.I.A.


O.R.G.I.A: La Faraona [sarcophagus], 2017-2018, digital color photography on silicone duratrans after methacrylate, light box and transport box, 234 x 97 x 28 cm. [detail in b / w]



Fucking the city is an open project that questions the public order of the western polis (bourgeois and heterocentered), and perverts the concept of “souvenir” to highlight the tourist commodification that the major world capitals produce from their most polished image. By using the imaginary of the giantess-monster and the pulp and fanzine iconography, a quasi-alien and hypersexual invasion of the urban public space is carried out to resignify it, and the symbolic values ​​of a certain type of architecture (phallic) are permuted. In this way, the city is redefined as a sexual playground for “the invader”, where dichotomies such as active-passive, public-private, male-female are reversed.

In this third installment Autoerótica breaks into the skyline of Benidorm and takes the iconic Intempo building, in an adventure halfway between coven and party, in which a peculiar trio formed by characters from yesterday, today and forever of the Benidorm night sticks to her. Once again, desire and drive are engines for chaos and the imbalance of the characteristic urban appearance system.


O.R.G.I.A - 2018

"En los Bajos de la Pirámide Invertida"

"And the Low of the Inverted Pyramid"

of the MNH project,

Museo Natural de Historia

Centro Cultural Puertas de Castilla-Ayuntamiento de Murcia, 122 pp.

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Horus and Apep

[funeral belt for petite mort], 2014

brass, leather, methacrylate and iron, 120 x 60 x 12.5 cm.


Walk Like An Egyptian, 2017-2018

Limestone and Iron, 50 x 60 x 11.5 cm.

O.R.G.I.A perfo 40 anyos son.jpg

O.R.G.I.A: 40 años SON

Performance, 2017.

"We are street, we are fight, we are history, it is us. "

After an investigative and procedural journey, our play with the plasticity of the object, space, and language; of the position and movement of our bodies; of time, sound, and silences; It has helped us to build a son in three movements, a memorial to 40 years of our history (1977-2017). And its concretion has led us to re-knot, more conscious than ever, the umbilical cord that unites us to all those people whose lives and deaths, all important, have enabled us to state, here and now:


O.R.G.I.A: Afrodita C, ilustración, 2017

Portada para el vol. 16 de la revista API (Arte y Políticas de Identidad)


Three women for an artistic O.R.G.I.A: New didactic languages for an education in values based on feminist and queer art

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