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Pecado Pixelado is a murciana who has been dedicated to video art and video djing for more than 15 years. 

Her visuals mix between the psychology of combining elements of action and adventure and the use of retro or pixel art style graphics and plots. 

Her visual loops are works that travel with bold messages about today's society and its taboos, she breaks and seeks to create a visual experience that allows the viewer to reflect on the issues she addresses: one of her main and very implicit message is female empowerment. She criticises, engages and overcomes gender stereotypes and limiting patriarchal attitudes with a playful/ironic approach, achieving collages full of energy and vitality. 

The visual politics she employs are ethical images where through her art, Pecado Pixelado invites you to question your own views on sex, gender and the politics of empowerment by discovering new perspectives.

Captura de pantalla 2020-12-03 a las 13.
Far From The Trees. 2019.
This is a session conducted by Ana Espín. Subsequently, together with Pecado Pixelado, they have created this audiovisual piece, mainly collecting images from the documentary “Far from the trees,” a cult work by the filmmaker Jacinto Esteva.
It was considered a cursed movie, suffered the censorship of Franco because it showed the hidden and cruel face of our traditions. It is a reflection of our identity, it is brave and shocking.

Warning: your viewing may hurt sensitivities

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Colaborarción con ALIENATA en el Jardin Secreto Fest

Noviembre 2022.

Captura de pantalla 2023-01-13 a las 21.34.55.png

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Colaborarción con MBODJ

Octubre 2022.

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Pecado Pixelado visual  for Ana en Pecado.

Live Streaming for the Bullas Confitada Festival. March 2020


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