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PMAC was born from the realization that it is still necessary and, even more, urgent to legitimize the new feminist, transfeminist and queer imaginary in the university and museum fields of the Spanish state, based on new cultural and educational policies.

Promoting the application of article 26 of Organic Law 3/2007, of March 22, for effective equality of men and women.

The PMAC (Platform of Women in Contemporary Art) is a non-profit, intersectional and diverse transfeminist association, created with the following purposes:

1. Articulate spaces for dialogue, exchange, visibility and dissemination of artistic and contemporary work carried out by women and other subjects with non-hegemonic identities.

2. Reflect on the representation and role of women and other subjects of non-hegemonic identities in the field of contemporary art.

3. Generate and plan cultural proposals made by women and other subjects of non-hegemonic identities that unite different artistic disciplines, explore the so-called "Art Outsider" and "Art Brut" and show the work of new talents.

4. Construct alternative critical discruses to the heteropatriarchal system that, from feminism and queer theories, reflect on concepts such as bodies, genders, sexualities and identities.

5. Collaborate with other entities, cultural and social associations to plan, schedule and / or manage events related to contemporary art.

Create and manage from a transfeminist perspective, an observatory of culture and contemporary art in Aragon.



 ONLINE TOUR; Disidencias 
at IAACC Pablo Serrano, Saragossa
organized by PMAC

Within the participation of 32 artists whose artistic work develops on the national and international scene. 

The exhibition tour follows an axis that underpins different artistic proposals, respecting their creative and conceptual diversity.

This axis is the elaboration of dissident discourses which question the conceptualization of contemporary art proposed by the academia and museum institutions. 

Three itineraries are proposed: Individuals, Artivist and Borders dissidence.

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360 tour

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VIDEO; Mari Ito
 at Mia Anywhere Virtual Museum
Curated by Alejandra Rodriguez Cunchillos

"The fragance that the flowers emanate"

The title proposes a journey through the different fragance that the flowers of artist Mari Ito (1980, Tokio) emanate, understanding these as a journey into the interior, not only for the artist bu the contemporary Japan.

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click imagen and visit the link

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