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Ahidée Álvarez Gutiérrez is Sada-ko, an Asturian DJ settled in Madrid since 2004.
Her eclectic sessions are a mix of various styles ranging from Electroclash, Dark, Techno and Deep House, among other sounds encompassed within electronics. She self-names her style as Electrostimulation.

He started DJing in the Spanish Levante at La Nave Nodriza in Torrevieja, Alicante and at Ocio Bar in Murcia while studying Art History. He finished his studies in Madrid and there he has consolidated his work performing in venues such as Yásta, Clamores or Maravillas and at festivals in Spain such as the Rosario Electrica Festival de Bullas el Ruidismo or Alter-arte, in Murcia, and at the emblematic parties such as Clit Power , I feel strange, Nostra music or Pussy Kingdow, among others ..

The love of art has led her to perform performances and visuals with Darky Nenas, a group from Madrid's Electropunk that she shared with Isbell and other colleagues. After the dissolution of the group, he formed “Baker Sister” together with Mónica Álvarez, performing in various venues in the capital. Currently, he combines his facet of dj with his other great hobby, which is photography and cinema, participating in joint exhibitions at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica, or working for the Planeta publishing house and publications in cultural magazines.
Lady Gamona ist a short video recorded in Madrid- 2012.
by Baker Sisters

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