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SIMONESIMONE is the name I have given to the container of my projects. A space for reflection on the political dimensions of the body, bodies, matter and their transmutation. I look for a system of signs that integrates both tradition and my contemporary urban being. A making that works in a transdisciplinary way, making visible the narrative possibilities of the materials to create imaginaries, poetry and register.

In 2011 I worked at the Fundación Artesanías de Chile, where I met the traditional horsehair weaver Berta Cortinez. One day, Berta (Bety) gave me plant fiber and horsehair as a gift. From that moment on, I have not stopped weaving.

During a study trip on indigenous textiles in Sucre (Bolivia, 2013), amazed by the textile universe and the world perspective represented in them, I decided to investigate the formal, expressive and symbolic possibilities of microbasketing.

My work currently reflects and tries to go deeper into the portable, the symbolic and the performative, through contemporary jewelry, clothing, transdiciplinary for the stage and above all the collaboration and social involvement of artistic practice.


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